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Welcome to the Marriage Talk Podcast, part of Marriage Talk Ministries! we're thrilled to have you join us for a new episode every Friday as we explore important topics to help make your "happily ever after" journey the best it can be.

Our hope is that the words and insights we share will be an encouragement, challenge, and blessing to you...and that you'll share the link to each episode with someone you know would benefit from listening.

Jan 19, 2018

Ep. 47 continues the January Couples' Challenge with a challenge to find more time to spend together...and then Terry provides insights for how to spend that time effectively. The "tyranny of time" tends to dominate our lives with hectic schedules, family activities, work, and also those frivolous things that we choose to do. This isn't a generic "find more time"'s filled with substantive insights on how to better honor each other with the way we prioritize our busy lives. Please listen, act, and SHARE the link. We want to hear from YOU with comments, questions, and suggestions! Please send us thoughts we can address them on the program. We won't reveal your name at any point, so feel free to reach out via the links below! KEY LINKS: GOFUNDME - for 1-time donation PATREON - for monthly donations TMDr EMAIL TMDr Facebook TMDr Twitter TMDr Website