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Welcome to the Marriage Talk Podcast, part of Marriage Talk Ministries! we're thrilled to have you join us for a new episode every Friday as we explore important topics to help make your "happily ever after" journey the best it can be.

Our hope is that the words and insights we share will be an encouragement, challenge, and blessing to you...and that you'll share the link to each episode with someone you know would benefit from listening.

Apr 17, 2020

This week on Marriage Talk, we welcome author Judy Holland. Her new book, "HappiNest" is directed at couples suddenly finding themselves dealing with the quiet and stillness that follows the kids all moving out...and asking the question, "now what do we do?

Apr 3, 2020

In Part 2 of our Coronavirus Pandemic insights, we look at this unique and challenging time in history from the perspective of finding opportunities to improve ourselves and our marriage relationship. You now have the time. Are you ready for a “reset” that could propel you onto a healthier path forward?