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Mar 19, 2017

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Marriage Doctor Podcast! We're thrilled to have you joining the "class for couples" as we begin a journey toward healthier, happier, vibrant, intimate marriages.


EPISODE THREE begins exploring the 5 key levels of Intimacy in marriage. It's quite common to find couples who are pretty solid in levels 1-3...but when it comes time to venture into deeper, more meaningful openness and true sharing of the heart, many draw a firm line in the sand and refuse to take that step.


How can we move past that barrier?

What does it look like when we get to level 4 or 5?

Lots of ground to cover in this episode!

We want to hear from YOU! Please send us your questions and comments so we can address them on the program. We won't reveal your name at any point, so feel free to reach out via the links below!


The Marriage Doctor Podcast (TMD) is hosted by:

Terry Lodico, M.A., M. Div., NCC, LPC. Terry and his wife Sandy are licensed counselors/therapists, working together at Covenant Counseling in Midland, MI.


Bill Hobson, 35+ year broadcasting professional and 28-year imperfect husband. encouraged...and please share TMD with other couples you know!




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